What are Hardware installation services?

We can supply your entire IT network infrastructure, from the onsite installation of a PC or printer to designing and implementing an entire network.

We are constantly researching products that could benefit your business. Our solutions are designed to ensure your IT equipment works efficiently and is appropriate for your needs. We work with a range of trusted, industry-leading suppliers to provide you with quality solutions. Over the years we have helped many businesses in Australia.

Project managed Hardware installation

For larger projects, including server installations and migrations, a project manager will co-ordinate with you to ensure the process is as easy and non-disruptive as possible. Projects are planned with regular updates so you are constantly informed.

Exceptional service

For businesses that can’t afford downtime, we also offer out-of-hours installation services for everything from standard equipment to server migrations.
We also take great care in ensuring hardware is correctly installed and cabling is tidy.

Why are Hardware installation services important?

It is important your hardware and software is compatible in order for your IT to operate efficiently. We work with you to identify and install equipment that meets your needs and integrates with your existing investments.

Making your life easier

All equipment comes with manufacturer warranties, giving you long term confidence in your investment. We manage these warranties for you so should your hardware have a problem, we ensure it is replaced within the given warranty service level agreements.


Our engineers are very experienced in installing a wide variety and scale of systems. We have an ever-growing internal knowledge base so we can learn your bespoke system and installs are as smooth as possible.

Large projects start with a project kick-off meeting led by your project manager and includes skilled engineers and your account manager.

Your project manager will coordinate the project ensuring all the necessary stages, such as important testing, are complete efficiently and to deadline. Once complete, we will hold a lessons-learned review meeting, which will contribute to improving our processes and ensuring you receive the best level of service.